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  • behzad jamaati somarin , yaghish


    Anthropological consideration of music and tones of the Azeri turkish mourning and its place in the culture of Ardabil people


    yaghish) Behzad Jamaati somarein)


    This research was written with title of Anthropological consideration of music and tones of the Azeri turkish mourning and its place in the culture of Ardabil people with aim to provide musical row of Azeri turkish mourning for enthusiasts using by means of qualitative , analytical- descriptive method.  in this survey and library research, the results  obtained ftom considerations show that there is a special music in the mourning row that is based on the iranian,s seven musical tools and perhaps some of these songs and musics don’t remained until today  in the iranian music and today, the cause of remaining these musics is the popular  art of mourning. There is a lot of beautiful and enjoyable epic literature and touchable folk literature  in the Azeri turkish mourning Publication of this work  could be tought as a reference and   academic field. In this thesis we have tried to conduct a wide study with a deep view to evulotion the art of mourning after coming the Islam into the Iran and also how to evolution of mourning in various historical periods such as Safavid until now. In this qualitative research and analysis, we tried to condsider and survey the the Azeri turkish mourning meerings in terms of the music and poetry. We attempt to express the generality of implementation of Azeri turkish mourning with all musical details. A main distinction of the mourning with  its other same songs was identified in the Ardabil,s  old history from the past through the now and also tried to mention  its main songs  which has a good bond with iranian national  music . and one or more the Azeri turkish mourning has been expressed with the old special this research,  all  implementation songs  has been identified and musics and vocal musical tools has been  exectly wrighten by  interview and help of  literature and poetry professors  that is so useful for  this popular art enthusiasts specially for familiarity of young people. The row singing of mourning, music and tones, these three meetings was implemented and sung by the mourning singer and expert and finally for the first time row of the Azeri turkish mourning was presenred as a useable collection with the educational and scientific approach for recording in archeive of  the Azeri turkish mourning ehich recommended to everyone as a suitable pattern of the turkish mourning

    برچسب ها :
       بهزاد جماعتی سومرین   تاریخ انتشار : شهریور 25ام, 1397   دسته بندی: جاودانه های هنر ایران زمین     ۰نظر

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